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Collinwood Man Arrested After Barricading Himself into Motel Room

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   Kevin Lee Rodney, age 50, of Collinwood, was arrested on Monday, April 12th following an alleged vehicle theft and assault, after which Rodney barricaded himself into his Collinwood motel room.

   Investigator Dale Palmer of the Collinwood Police Department stated that he received a call regarding an altercation in the front yard of a residence on 2nd Avenue. When Investigator Palmer arrived on the scene, he was met by the complainant, who stated that Kevin Rodney had taken his vehicle without his permission around 8 a.m. that morning. The complainant went on to state that Rodney did return the vehicle approximately two hours later, but when the complainant confronted Rodney about the vehicle being taken, Rodney physically assaulted him.

   After speaking with the complainant, Investigator Palmer and Chief David Martin went to Rodney’s last known address, the Collinwood 355 Motel. When they arrived at the motel room where Rodney was staying, they discovered that he had barricaded himself into the room by nailing the door shut. The officers then contacted the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office for assistance, and were able to make entry into the motel room. Rodney was taken into custody without further incident.

   Rodney was arrested on charges of criminal trespass, evading arrest, assault, and theft of property. He was booked into the Wayne County Jail on $30,500.00 bond.

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