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Collinwood City Commission Sets New Rates for RV Park

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   The Collinwood City Commission met in regular session on Monday, July 12th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. in the conference/courtroom of Collinwood City Hall.

   The meeting was called to order by Vice Mayor Danny Sandusky. Commissioners in attendance were Vice Mayor Danny Sandusky, Commissioner Jeremiah Stults, Commissioner Debie Pigg, and Commissioner Butch Kephart. City Manager Gary Victory and City Recorder Cindy Kephart were in attendance as well. Mayor Glenn Brown was absent.

   A moment of silence was observed, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

   First was approval of the agenda. A motion was made by Commissioner Pigg and seconded by Commissioner Kephart to approve the agenda as presented, and the motion carried.

   The next item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes from the regular meeting held on June 14th, 2021. Commissioner Stults made a motion and Commissioner Pigg seconded to approve the minutes, and they were unanimously approved. Commissioner Kephart then made a motion to approve the minutes from the special meeting held on June 29th, 2021. Commissioner Stults seconded, and those minutes were approved as well.

   Department reports from March 2021 were distributed to the commissioners for their review. Officer Spencer Ray, a new officer hired by the Collinwood Police Department, was introduced to the commission.

   New rules and fees for the RV Park were next on the agenda. City Manager Victory presented the commission with a list of rules that would be given to campers when they pay their fees. A motion was made by Commissioner Stults and seconded by Commissioner Pigg to adopt the new rules, and the motion carried unanimously. A new fee rate was discussed next, with a new rate of $20 per night and $120 per week to begin on September 1st, 2021. Commissioner Stults made a motion to approve the new rates, and Commissioner Kephart seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

   City Manager Victory next informed the commission that a pre-construction notice to proceed on the CDBG grant project had been approved, and that the meters had been ordered.

   The Tennessee Arts Grant was next. City Manager Victory said that the city had been fully refunded the cost of the mural by the Tennessee Arts Commission.

   The city manager then informed the commission that an individual had fallen on one of the city sidewalks, and a claim was filed with the city’s insurance carrier.

   An update on the Martin lawsuit was next on the agenda. City Manager Victory said that a trial date had been set for October 22nd, 2021, and that he (Victory) and Mayor Brown would meet with the City Attorney by September 1st.

   Next was an update on the work needed on some of the city buildings’ roofs. City Manager Victory said that the materials had been delivered to start the work. The commission also discussed work that would possibly be needed on the ceiling in the Utility Building.

   Victory then told the commission that the recently hired part-time Utility Department employee did not work out, but he still intends to find someone to fill the badly needed position.

   The commission was next given the guidelines for required training for commissioners that set the budget for the Utility Departments. A commissioner has one year from the day they take office to get the required three-phase training that is now mandated by the state.

   Vice Mayor Sandusky then read the report from the Wayne County Welcome Center, which is continuing to see an uptick in visitors after last year’s COVID restrictions.

   Several items were discussed under “other” on the agenda, including:

-Commissioner Stults brought up a discussion of a fireworks ordinance.

-A concerned citizen was present to speak to the commission about the need for dog control in the city. Vicious dog activity should be reported by calling 911.

   With no further business to come before the commission, Commissioner Stults made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Pigg seconded the motion, and the meeting was adjourned.

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