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Colby McDonald Announces Candidacy for 3rd District County Commissioner

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My name is Colby McDonald. I am married to Courtney Pruett McDonald, formerly of Loretto, TN. We have one daughter, Layney Paige, who is one year old. My parents are John and Sherry McDonald. My parents and I are lifelong residents of Wayne County.

I am employed by our family business, 4 Mac Machining, Inc., where I am currently President of the company. I started working there in high school and continued when I could while attending the University of Tennessee at Martin, where I received my Agricultural Engineering degree. My education and training has allowed me to do the precision machining that is required for my position at 4 Mac. At 4 Mac Machining, Inc., we work mostly with businesses outside of Wayne County. Building and designing precision gauges and fixtures for numerous manufacturing companies, while still trying to help our local customers, farmers, and loggers.

I am running with my brother, Tyler McDonald, not against him, since there are two commissioner seats available. My dad, John McDonald, has been a county commissioner for the past 16 years, and he will not be seeking re-election. My dad has taught us a lot about the workings of our county government, and I would also like to serve and help our county. My qualifications include experience with money management and experience working for the public. I am also experienced in managing and operating a business.

I would like to work with the other commissioners to grow our county, then hopefully my children and grandchildren will be able to stay in Wayne County. If elected, I would like to develop something to keep property taxes affordable for all citizens and landowners, especially our low-income senior citizens who are already on a very limited budget and want to keep their property to pass along to their future generations.

I will try to reach out to as many voters as possible before the election. If I miss you, please know it is not intentional. You are welcome to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. My phone number is 931-332-6464.

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