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Clifton City Officials Ask for Citizens to Step Up During COVID-19 Shutdown

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   The City of Clifton will be holding a community clean-up day on Saturday, September 12th from 8:00 until complete. With the lack of a dedicated line crew from our local prisons due to COVID-19 restrictions, along with a near-record amount of rainfall during the spring and summer, it has been impossible to maintain right-of-ways at the level of neatness and cleanliness expected by our citizens. We ask that you help by volunteering and dedicating Saturday, September 12th as a day for mowing and weed-eating your yard, to include the adjoining street right-of-ways, and by picking up any trash from the surrounding areas. You can adopt the entire street you live on, or even have a block party for your respective area and join your neighbors in the cleanup effort.

   COVID-19 restrictions have impacted all areas of Wayne County, with the loss of inmate work crews affecting the appearance of our cities and many of our cemeteries. The city managers and commissioners in all three cities, Clifton, Collinwood, and Waynesboro, have been hearing complaints and grumblings about how unkempt and overgrown the right-of-ways and downtown areas have become. Many may not realize just how much the inmate work crews from the Wayne County Jail and Wayne County Boot Camp do to keep everything clean and manicured when they are allowed to work. Each city’s street and maintenance crews have been working hard to stay caught up, but the loss of inmate manpower has definitely had a negative effect.

   So, get your lawn-mowers and weed-eaters ready, grab some trash bags, and help keep the City of Clifton sparkling and clean! Together, we can make a difference during these uncertain and trying times. For more information, please contact Clifton City Hall at 931-676-3370.  

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