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Clifton City Commission Votes to Apply for Sidewalk Grant

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   The Clifton City Commission met in regular session on Monday, September 28th, 2020. Commissioners in attendance included Mayor Randy Burns, Vice Mayor Layton Packwood, Eva Ruth Warren, Mark Staggs, and Bill Willoughby. Also in attendance were City Manager Doug Kibbey and City Recorder Barbara Culp.

   Mayor Burns called the meeting to order, and then offered an invocation. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.

   A motion was made by Commissioner Staggs to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Warren, and the minutes were unanimously approved.

   Under old business on the agenda, Ms. Stacey Huntingford of the Clifton Marina gave an update on the Fall Festival. Twenty-five vendors, ten food trucks, and a petting zoo were scheduled to be set up.

   The location for a city mural to be paid for with grant funds was discussed next. Commissioner Willoughby made a motion to pursue putting a new mural over the one currently on the back of Ms. Huntingford’s building. Vice Mayor Packwood seconded the motion, and it carried unanimously.

   Also under old business, City Manager Kibbey said that he is continuing to work with the State on speed limit signs by the golf course; he updated the commission on the Tourism Enhancement Grant; and he said that he will give the commission an update on the Route 10 and Route 11 water lines when he has more information.

   Under new business on the agenda, Commissioner Staggs made a motion to pass the first reading of Budget Amendment #1 Ordinance #286 after City Manager Kibbey explained the changes. Commissioner Warren seconded the motion, and the first reading of the ordinance passed unanimously.

   Next was the LPRF Grant Resolution. Commissioner Warren made a motion to approve the resolution, which endorses the acceptance of a Tennessee Local Parks and Recreation Fund Master Planning Grant. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Staggs, and carried unanimously. The city will have a 20% local match totaling $9,000.00.

   Discussion concerning the Multi-Modal Grant was next. If awarded, the grant would be for $950,000.00 and would be used to build a sidewalk from Main Street to the City Park. The city’s 5% local match would be $47,500.00. Commissioner Willoughby said that he felt that a public hearing should be held before spending that much money, and that some citizens had questioned him about it. Vice Mayor Packwood said that he felt that in the future, kids will be walking to get to the new splash pad that is to be installed at the City Park, and a new sidewalk would make that walk much safer. After further discussion, Commissioner Staggs made a motion to approve the Multi-Modal Grant Resolution, which endorses the application to apply for a grant to complete Phase III of the city’s sidewalk plan. Commissioner Warren seconded the motion, and it carried.

   Next was a discussion concerning the need for a sound system at the city’s stage. City Manager Kibbey said that he had gotten quotes for a system, and it looks like it will cost approximately $14,000.00 to purchase one. Vice Mayor Packwood asked if there might be any grant money available to pay for a sound system, and City Manager Kibbey said that there is not. The vice mayor said that he would prefer to rent equipment for now when needed rather that purchase a new system, and the other commissioners agreed.

   Under department reports on the agenda, Parks Director Eddie Simmons reported that mowing has slowed down at the parks. He said that his crew had been working to get the old pirate ship playground equipment torn down, and hoped to have the new playground equipment up before the end of October.

   Fire Chief Lindsay Roberts said that the fire truck that had been in the shop should be back and ready to go within a couple more days. He said that he had not yet received a follow-up letter on the FEMA grant, so as far as he knew, they were still under consideration.

   Police Chief Jerroll Henderson reported that all the city police officers have completed their required inservice training, and vests and body cameras have been ordered.

   City Manager Kibbey told the commission that there is a new part-time City Hall employee, Paige Rowand. She will be working while City Clerk Samantha Haines is off on maternity leave.

   City Manager Kibbey then informed the commission that he had recently attended a bridge dedication ceremony in honor of war hero David Brown, who was originally from Clifton.

   Kibbey went on to tell the commissioners that Public Works Director Austin Clark was not in attendance at the meeting because he had just put in two 21-hour days at the water plant due to issues at the plant. Westech Company has been contacted to come and work on the issues, but they will not be available until November.

   Commissioner Staggs said that there have been complaints of speeding traffic on the street beside the Crosseyed Cricket, and the possibility of installing speed bumps was discussed.

   Vice Mayor Packwood said that there are holes in the walking track at the ballpark that need to be repaired.

   Commissioner Willoughby said that he would like more specifications on the proposed project of the loop at the turn-around.

   Commissioner Warren asked when the Clifton Methodist Church’s parking lot would be getting paved, and City Manager Kibbey said that he would speak with Tommy Tinin to find out.

   Commissioner Willoughby then said that he had a $400 water bill incurred from leaving a water hose running, and City Manager Kibbey said that he could request an adjustment per the city’s adjustment policy.

   City property owner Cheryl McDonald told the commission that there is a bad mosquito problem near her property that seems to be caused by standing water at the Praxis Company. City Manager Kibbey said that he previously sent a letter concerning the problem, and Vice Mayor Packwood asked if he would send another letter giving the company a certain number of days to rectify the problem.

   Mayor Burns said that Clifton resident Charles Linam had approached him again about the property beside him that needs to be cleaned up. City Manager Kibbey said that he would contact the property owner.

   With no further business to come before the commission, the meeting was adjourned.

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