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The week of Thanksgiving was generous for the WCHS teams as they both took wins over Lewis County on Monday night and Decatur/Riverside on Tuesday night. With the wins, the Ladycats are now 3 – 1 on the year, while the Wildcats now stand at 2 – 2. They were on the road at Lewis County and Clarksburg this week, before returning home on Friday to face Summertown. They will travel to Clifton and Perry County next week.

The Ladycats turned the game over to the bench early against Lewis County as they had a 27 – 4 first quarter lead. They forced 22 first half turnovers to go on to win by the final of 76 – 19. Lauren Bryant, Blair Baugus, Alexis Maghielse, and Savanna McClain all scored in double figures. Bryant led the Ladycats with 15 points and had a rebound, 2 steals, and an assist. Baugus had 5 rebounds and a steal, while Maghielse had 2 boards, a block, and 2 steals. McClain 3 rebounds, a block, 4 steals, and an assist. Annie Lee had 4 points and 3 steals. Emma Bryant, Cambree Camfield, Raegan Crews, and Kenzie Griggs each hit a three-pointer. Bryant had a rebound and an assist, while Camfield had a steal and an assist. Griggs also had an assist. Kylee Brewer, Jac Keaton, Isabel Luedeke and Celia Powell each scored 2 points. Brewer had 2 boards and a steal, while Keaton had a rebound, 3 steals, and an assist. Luedeke had 4 rebounds, a steal, and an assist, and Powell had 3 boards and 3 assists. The Ladycats shot 56% from the field and forced 38 Lady Panther turnovers.

The Wildcats took a 14 – 9 first quarter lead against the Lewis County Panthers. They extended the lead to 29 – 24 by the half. Lewis County fought back, cutting the margin to one by the end of the third. The ‘Cats took charge and came out with a 62 – 55 win. Tyler Moser, Cooper Shamer, and Ethan Camfield all hit for double figures with 16, 13, and 10 points respectively.  Moser registered another double-double with 10 rebounds and had a block with 3 assists. Shamer had 3 rebounds and 4 steals, and Camfield had 5 rebounds, 2 steals, and 3 assists. Landyn Prater and Sayler Skelton each scored 6 points. Prater had 4 rebounds and 3 assists, while Skelton had 8 boards, a block, and an assist. Austin Whitson had 5 points off the bench with a rebound. Ryder Butler and Jesse Dixon each had 3 points. Eli McClain had a rebound.   The ‘Cats left a lot of points at the free throw line, hitting only 7 of 17, and shot 40% from the field.

The Ladycats took a strong 23 – 8 first quarter lead against the Decatur/Riverside Lady Panthers on Tuesday night as they forced 10 first quarter turnovers.  Decatur came back and outscored the Ladycats, 9 – 8, in the second.  The third saw the Ladycats’ margin cut to 6, 39 – 33, by the end of the quarter. They went on to take the win, 53 – 43.  The Ladycats again had four double figure scorers with Cambree Camfield leading the way with 14 points.  Blair Baugus, Lauren Bryant, and Savanna McClain each scored 10 points.  Camfield had 5 rebounds and 2 steals, while Baugus added 6 boards, 4 blocks, 5 steals, and an assist. Bryant had a rebound, 2 steals, and an assist, and McClain had 7 boards, a steal, and an assist. Jac Keaton had 6 points, 2 rebounds, 5 steals, and 3 assists. Alexis Maghielse added 3 points with 2 rebounds and 2 assists.  Annie Lee had a rebound. The Ladycats turned the ball over 23 times and were out-rebounded 29 – 24.

#24 Lauren Bryant with the solid defense at Decatur

The Wildcats took a slim 13 – 12 lead after the first quarter against the Decatur/Riverside Panthers and led 25 – 21 by the half. With 4:05 left in the third, the Panthers hit a three and then a Wildcat turnover gave Decatur and easy basket which tied the game at 43 all. At 42.7 seconds left in the game and with the score 47 – 44, in favor of the Wildcats, Ethan Camfield went to the line and nailed a pair of free throws to up the lead to 49 – 44. Cooper Shamer added a basket to seal the win and make  the final score 51 – 44.

Tyler Moser led the ‘Cats with 23 points. He registered another double-double with 10 rebounds and had a block, a steal, and 2 assists. Ethan Camfield finished with 10 points, a rebound, and a steal. Cooper Shamer added 7 points and had a rebound, 3 steals, and 2 assists. Sayler Skelton added 6 points with 4 rebounds and a steal. Eli McClain and Landyn Prater each scored 2 points. McClain had a rebound, while Prater had a rebound, a steal, and 3 assists. Austin Whitson added one point and had one rebound. Ryder Butler had 2 rebounds, a steal, and an assist. The ‘Cats forced 18 Panther turnovers and hit 10 of 11 from the free throw line.    Come out Friday night and support the teams in their rematch with Summertown. “GO WILDCATS AND LADYCATS!”

#32 Austin Whitson defends the ball handler.
#30 Tyler Moser & #44 Sayler Skelton go after the rebound.

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