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The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is accepting bids for a high security screening body scanner with the following specifications.

Physical: Footprint- 34”x 72” (86cm x 183cm), Height- 90” (211 cm) Assembled, Weight- 720 lbs (328 kg)

Electrical: Power- 100/120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 800 Watt tolerant of poorly regulated power

Environmental: Operating- 32-120 degrees Fahrenheit (0-50 Centigrade)

Humidity- less than 95%, noncondensing

Radiation Safety: Dose- General use: 25 uRem (0.25 uSv) per scan, suitable for daily screening; Limited-use: up to 300 uRem (3.0) uSuv) per scan, suitable for weekly scanning; effective dose to subject measured in accordance with ANSI/HPS N43-17-2009

Leakage: Inspection zone is the scanner footprint; <0.2 mR (2 uGy) in any 1 hour

Standards: Complies with ANSI/HPS N43.17-2009 (Body Scanner Radiation Safety)

Complies with ANSI/IEEEN42.47-2010 (Body Scanner Image Quality)

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