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Beloved Local Physician Succumbs to Deadly COVID-19

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   Local physician and Wayne County Commissioner Joe Hall was laid to rest on Monday following a weeks-long battle against the deadly COVID-19 virus. After 24 days on a ventilator, Dr. Hall passed away on Thursday night.

   “I’m going to miss him, he was a very intelligent commissioner who cared deeply about the community,” said Wayne County Executive Jim Mangubat.

   The two had a friendship since 1967.

   “We were neighbors, we grew up on the same creek. This is a small town and I am a country boy, okay, so we grew up on the same creek.”

   Mangubat said Dr. Hall had a goal from the time he was in his teens to become a doctor and come back to serve Wayne County and make it a better place, and Dr. Hall did just that.

   “He started out mopping the floors of the hospital, literally mopping the floors when he came back,” Mangubat explained.

   Dr. Hall’s resume soon extended to great lengths as an EMT, Director of Emergency Management Services, certified RN, Director of Nurses, Anesthetist, County Coroner, Medical Examiner, and more. He opened his own practice, Hall Medical Clinic, in 2003.

   Dr. Hall was a true jack of all trades. “I mean, he could change oil in a vehicle as well as suture incisions,” continued Mangubat. He said Dr. Hall had a heart of gold, inspiring many in the community to be better people.

   Dr. Joe Hall was 69 years old. He was a beloved friend and physician, loving husband to his wife Christy, and devoted father to sons Patrick and Wyatt and daughters Valerie and Jazmyn. He will be truly missed.

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