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Bank of Waynesboro Makes Name Change Official

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   The Bank of Waynesboro, as it has been known since 1904, officially changed all business over to the new name, CapStar Bank, on Friday. The merger of the banks took place a few months ago, but the signage on the bank’s buildings in Wayne and Lawrence Counties was changed out over the weekend.

   “Effective today, Bank of Waynesboro is no more, but ‘Old Friends, New Bank, Better Together’ came to be,” said Waynesboro Branch Manager Mike Smith on Friday. “CapStar Bank is our new name, but the same good friends who have serviced our community for many years will be the same good friends you will see every day at all CapStar offices in Wayne and Lawrence Counties. CapStar Bank will continue to be a local bank, involved in the community, attending our churches, supporting our sports teams, praying for our neighbors and each other while making our community a better place to live.”

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