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Another Bald Eagle Spotted in Eastern Wayne County

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Another majestic bald eagle was spotted by Shelter Insurance Agent Jason Ray on December 21, 2021. The magnificent creature was spotted by Ray on Highway 64 East near the former Fast Pace blue building. Ray said that he has seen a few bald eagles in the area near the Natchez Trace, usually in pairs.

The bald eagles are slowly becoming more and more visible around Wayne County. TWRA says that there are over 175 nesting pairs of bald eagles in Tennessee, and most of these birds remain in the state year-round. Individuals from more northern breeding populations migrate to Tennessee for the winter, arriving in late October, and peak numbers of 300 to 500 individuals occur in late January to mid-February.

Send us your photos of bald eagles or any other interesting wildlife that you spot around the county, and we will try our best to show them off in the Wayne County News!

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