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Agricultural News: Bucket Garden Kit Giveaway Round 2!

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   On March 17th, we gave away 30 five gallon bucket garden kits to our clients. However, that was not enough! We’ve heard you, and we are doing a second giveaway. 

   We will be giving away 30 Bucket Garden Kits on Friday, April 16th, beginning at 9:00am.     

   The kits will include:

1. One 5 gallon bucket, Courtesy Ace Hardware

2, Soilless Medium/Potting Mix

3. Seeds (Choose one)

    a. Cucumbers

    b. Bush Beans (green beans)

    c. Loose leaf lettuce

    d. Carrots

4. Fertilizer

5. Printed Materials

   These kits will be first come, first serve and are limited to one per household (no holds). If you received one during the first round, we respectfully ask that you do not pick up a bucket this round. We will not be giving away tomato or pepper seeds because it will be past the time to start those from seed. However, these buckets will work great for tomato or pepper transplants that are suitable for containers.

   We appreciate the clients that we are privileged to serve! Please call or e-mail Megan Harris at 931-722-3229 or [email protected] with any questions you have about the giveaway or related to gardening.

   Photo Credit:  https://www.foodstoragemoms.com/how-to-garden-with-5-gallon-buckets/

   TAEP REMINDER: For those who applied and were approved for TAEP Genetics, your deadline to decline funds is May 1. Your deadline to submit reimbursement paperwork is June 1. Be sure to meet those deadlines.  

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