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4-H News: STEM Activities, Camp Sign-ups

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4-H STEM Activities

   Check out the 4-H Facebook page for some fun ideas that you can do at home! We’ve been posting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities that 4-H’ers can replicate at home – if you do one of the activities, please post your results in the comment section of that post!

4-H Camp Sign-ups

   4-H Camp Sign-ups will start May 4th. We have a reduced price for Junior 4-H Camp thanks to our sponsorships collected this year – this price is only good for the first 20 slots available!  After the first 20 slots are filled, the price must return to the original level. For more information on 4-H Camp, please call Samantha Morrow at the Extension Office at 722-3229.

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