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4-H News September 23, 2020

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   The results are in! Since COVID-19 has kept us from gathering together as 4-H groups, we have hosted a couple of online county contests this summer! 4-H’ers had the opportunity to enter their best canine pals into an online show and also to submit arts and crafts that they had created! All shows were divided into age categories – Junior (4th and 5th grade), Junior High (6th-8th grade), and Senior High (9th-12th grade).

4-H Dog Show Awards

   The dog show was open for voting online and a total of 234 people voted in the contest – many of the classes were extremely close! There were a lot of seriously adorable pups in the contest!

“Cutest Pup”

Junior Level: 1st – Lele (Gage Mathis), 2nd – Shadow (Sadie Van Heusen), 3rd – Jeppy (Wesley Beavers), 4th – Comet (Ariel Melson); Junior High Level: 1st – Willow (Olivia Stults), 2nd – Cooper (Meredith Leathers), 3rd – Chewy (Makenna Hinkey), 4th – Roxie (Henlee Odle), 5th – Gizmo (Haley Odle); Senior High Level: 1st – Belle (Ian Jackson), 2nd – Duke (Kensey Howe)

“Best Form”

Junior Level: 1st – Cash (Sadie Van Heusen), 2nd – Stormy (Eva Welch), 3rd – Patch (Ariel Melson); Junior High Level: 1st – Max (Logan Davis), 2nd – Roxie (Henlee Odle), 3rd – Gracie (Jessica Durbin); Senior High Level: 1st – Charlie (Rachel Stults), 2nd – Duke (Kensey Howe)

“Best Costume”

Junior Level: 1st – Zeena (Gage Mathis)

4-H Art Show Awards

Painting – Acrylic

Senior High Level: 1st – Kaity Sherrill


Junior Level: 1st – Ariel Melson; Junior High Level: 1st – Matthew Sherrill; Senior High Level: 1st – Rachel Stults


Senior High Level: 1st – Abby Sherrill

Miscellaneous Crafts

Junior Level: 1st – Eva Welch; Senior High Level: 1st – Abby Sherrill

   Thank you to all 4-H’ers who participated! We had some great art and crafts in the show, as well as some really cute pups! I look forward to next year and hope that next year’s show can be in person! If you would like to check out the awards presentation, please check it out on the 4-H Facebook site!

4-H Livestock Judging

   It’s time to get ready for 4-H Livestock Judging practices! 4-H Livestock Judging is a fun activity open to 4-H members in grades 5-12. During the practices, 4-H’ers will learn how to observe and judge 4 different species of livestock – cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs – and determine what order a group of 4 animals of the same species should be placed in, from the best in the group to the worst. Older 4-H members will learn how to give reasons for why they chose the particular order for a class. The skills learned during a judging contest are valuable both the contest, as well as real life applications!

   All practices will be conducted via Google Classroom and Zoom.  To get the code for the Livestock Judging class in Google Classroom, please check your 4-H Google Classroom or call the Extension Office at 722-3229.

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