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4-H News: Poultry Judging Results

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On March 4th, three 4-H members participated in a 4-H judging contest that hasn’t happened for a long time – Poultry Judging.  Mandy Brewer, Tucker Monroe, and Dalton Strickland gathered at the Wayne County UT/TSU Extension Office to log onto the site to participate in an online judging contest.  Due to COVID-19, the contest this year was virtual, but the learning was quite real.  Prior to the contests, participants learned about things such as candling eggs for quality, judging carcasses and parts for quality, judging broken-out eggs for quality, identifying different retail cuts of the chicken, as well as judging live birds. Normally the contest is very hands-on, with participants handling the birds, candling the eggs, and being able to turn the shackle to view the carcass from all angle.  While this year, the contest consisted of videos and pictures for the participants to judge, they learned a great deal and displayed their knowledge quite well.  In the Junior High division, Tucker placed 4th overall, and in the Junior division, Dalton placed 13th and Mandy placed 12th. Much appreciation goes to our coach, Peggy Monroe, for assisting us with her knowledge and coaching experience with Poultry Judging!

We’re definitely looking forward to next year’s Poultry Judging contest!

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