4-H News: Mad Scientist Class and Pinterest Perfect Class


4-H Pinterest

 Perfect Class

   On June 28th, four 4-H members learned how to make several crafts that could be easily replicated at home for quick and inexpensive, but very cute “Pinterest Perfect” gifts. They made homemade snow globes, necklaces, decoupage jars and pencil holders, and a picture frame note board.

4-H Mad Scientist


   On June 30th, six 4-H members came to the Extension Office for a day of fun with science experiments. We explored different concepts including hydraulics, creating magnetic slime, seeing how certain types of light (such as natural light and fluorescent light) break down differently using a homemade spectroscope, and more! The students were able to take home the experiments that they created to be able to do further experimentation to learn more.