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4-H News July 1, 2020

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4-H: A Healthy

 Livin’ Summer

   This summer, the Tennessee 4-H is sharing daily activities that you can do at home to earn beads for a bracelet. Each day of the week has a different fun theme, ranging from Tasty Tuesday to Self-Care Sunday, so there’s something to fit everyone’s interest. If you would like to check out these activities or future activities that we have available, check out the state 4-H page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Tennessee4H/.

Weekly STEM Activity

   Last week’s STEM activity involved surface tension and how to use different materials to increase surface tension. When a bubble is formed, the soap mixture on the outside of a bubble is actually made up of 3 very thin layers – soap, water, and another layer of soap. This “sandwich” that is on the outside of a bubble is called soap film. The bubble pops when the water that is trapped between the layers of soap evaporates. The glycerin or corn syrup mixes with the soap to make it thicker, giving the bubbles a thicker skin. This keeps the water from evaporating so quickly, making the bubbles last longer. It also makes the bubbles stronger, so you can blow bigger bubbles!

   Since this week is the 4th of July, and no 4th of July celebration is complete without fireworks, we’re going to make a bottle rocket for our STEM activity this week! You will need a clean 2- liter soda bottle, baking soda, vinegar, paper towel, a cork (or something to substitute like a pool noodle piece, though a cork will give more power to your launch!), a launch pad to keep your bottle upright during the launch, and a nice open space. This week’s activity will require adult supervision and assistance. Make sure you wear safety gear and old clothing for this activity.

   Before you fly your rocket, feel free to decorate it! Set your launch pad in a nice big open area on level ground. Pour approximately 1-2 cups of vinegar into the bottle. Cut your paper towel into a 4 inch square, and place about 1 tablespoon in the center of the paper towel. Fold the paper towel so the baking soda is wrapped up inside and it fits snugly inside the mouth of the bottle. Insert the cork into the mouth of the soda bottle, and make sure it fits tightly. Moving very quickly, you will flip the bottle over and place it in the launch pad. Once the bottle is in place, move back quickly and don’t get too close to it once the bottle rocket is armed. Be safe flying your rocket and stay tuned to next week’s article to find out what powers this flight of fun!

“4-H To Go” Bags

   This summer while you’re running errands, make sure to stop by the Extension Office, the Collinwood Welcome Center, or the Clifton Library to pick up a 4-H To Go Bag – they’re take-home activities that 4-H’ers can do at home to have fun while we’re out of school for the summer. The current activities range from science experiments to a stress-busting stress-ball. Inside each bag is a survey – if you take home a bag, please return the survey when you get another bag and let us know what you thought of the previous kit. If you prefer to do an online survey instead, there’ll be a link to a survey you can perform online to let us know your thoughts and what you would like to see in future kits! Completion of a survey will allow you to be entered into a drawing for a prize!

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