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4-H News: Current 4-H Activities

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   Summer has been quite busy this year – there’s been fun activities with the Summer School programming every week and there’s “4-H To Go” bags for pick-up at the libraries around the county.  Lots of opportunities to have a great time with 4-H, but the fun isn’t done!

   We’ll be having several day camps next month that 4-H members can participate in – 4-H Sewing, “Mad Scientist,” “Pinterest Perfect,” and more! The day camps do have a small fee associated with them and you must pre-register, so be sure to call the office to register. We’ll also be hosting practices for the Life Skills, Consumer Decision Making, and Outdoor Meat Cookery contests. The contests are free to participate in!

   Life Skills is a contest where 4-H members learn skills that will help them throughout their life. This year’s contest deals with writing checks and balancing the checkbook, reading and understanding nutrition label, understanding the stages of human development from birth to five years old, and learning about physical activity guidelines for youth. Participants answer questions at each station, and the 4-H member with the most points at the end of the contest wins. This contest is open to students who were in 4th-8th grade this past school year.

   Consumer Decision Making is a contest that tests 4-H members’ decision-making skills and how much of a “smart shopper” they are. They are presented with a scenario and four items of the same type (such as backpacks) and they must determine what order the items should go in from the best fit for the scenario to the worst fit. This contest is open to students who were in 9th-11th grade this past school year.

   Outdoor Meat Cookery is perfect for any 4-H member who loves to GRILL! We will be using a charcoal grill and the contest is open to any student who was in 5th-11th grade this past school year. The 4-H members will learn how to safely start the grill without using any lighter fluid, as well as how to prepare multiple types of meat – beef, pork, chicken, and lamb.

   For more information about these activities, please contact the Extension Office at 722-3229!

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