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4-H News: Champ’s Toy Chest

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   Back during the Spring semester, the Wayne County 4-H’ers participated in a service project to collect items for the Champ’s Toy Chest at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville. A total of 658 items were collected in boxes at schools throughout the county and at the Extension Office. On August 4th, the items were delivered to the hospital to be put to use by the families and children staying at the hospital. Stephanie Van Dyke, director of the Child Life and Volunteer Services, and Bekah Gannon, a Child Life Specialist at the hospital, were extremely happy to see the boxes of items! “This couldn’t come at a better time – a co-worker was telling me just yesterday that we were in need of more coloring books!” Ms. Van Dyke told me when I opened the back of my van. The Champ’s Toy Chest received many donations during and after the holidays, but they have since depleted those supplies and were in need of more. Ms. Van Dyke also stated that “the items would probably be used within a couple of days, if not today,” as the need was so great.

   I want to share their appreciation of the supplies with all of my 4-H’ers and their families – thank you for all of the donations! Every item, whether it be a coloring book, toy, fuzzy socks, hair bow, or toiletry item, will be very much appreciated by the patients and families who receive them! 

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