4-H News: 4-H Poster Contest and Recycled Ornament Contest


   Our first 4-H Contests this year will be the 4-H Poster and the 4-H Recycled Ornament contests. The rules are as follows:

   4-H Poster:

•Size – 14” x 22” horizontal layout

•Topic – 4-H promotion

•Try to have artwork that corresponds with the slogan used to promote 4-H – pick a catchy theme or title and be original

•Should use the 4-H emblem (4-H Clover). Do not place text or other images over top of the clover, or obscure the emblem. The clover should not be slanted.

•No Glitter

•No well-known cartoon figures such as Marvel Super Heroes, Disney characters, Lego characters, etc. due to copyright

   Posters may be submitted via the 4-H Google Classroom using a photo of the original poster if the poster is created on poster board, or *NEW this year!* Digital posters can be made using a PowerPoint slide that has been altered to the dimensions of 14” x 22.” Please save the slide as a JPEG and submit it once you are ready to submit your poster.

   4-H Recycled Ornament:

•Must be made of recycled materials (plastic, metal, paper, etc.)

•Must be light in weight

•Must be no larger than 4 inches in width and height

•Must have a way to hang from the tree branch – either a loop or a hook

•Be creative! You may look online for ideas, but the best ideas come from you!

   Blue Ribbon ornaments will be displayed on the 4-H Christmas Tree during the “Festival of Trees” at the Wayne County Courthouse in December. Tags for the ornaments can be downloaded from the 4-H Google Classroom. Complete and attach the name tag below to your ornament with a piece of string, yarn, etc. The tag must be visible when the ornament is displayed. Any ornaments without a tag will not be eligible to compete in the contest. Please deliver all ornaments to be submitted to the contest to the Extension Office by November 12, 2020.