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4-H News: 4-H Piggy Bank Pageant

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   With a new year comes setting goals for ourselves. Often we set the goal of saving more money throughout the year. Participation in the 4-H Piggy Bank Pageant can help 4-H’ers save money by giving them a place to collect their change throughout the year. During the month of January, 4-H’ers can create a homemade piggy bank to compete for a chance to advance to the state contest. These piggy banks can be made of any materials and can be any shape and design – they don’t have to be pig shaped. They must have a way to insert and remove money without destroying the bank. Banks should be made by the 4-H’ers who submit the entry. Banks can be any size up to 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches. Entries should be submitted via photos in Google Classroom.

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