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4-H News: 4-H Honor Club

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   When we work hard on something, we like to be recognized for our efforts. That’s exactly what the State 4-H Honor Club is – it’s the first level of recognition for 4-H members in Tennessee in 6th grade and up. When you are recognized as a State 4-H Honor Club member, you are joining the ranks of many 4-H’ers who have worked hard on their 4-H projects, put in the effort, documented their activities, and were recognized for it. You don’t have to have gathered a plethora of blue ribbons to join the State 4-H Honor Club – it’s not about how well you did, it’s that you took initiative and participated. Each and every activity that you have participated in during your years in 4-H has gathered you points. Yep, those cornbread muffins you baked in 4th grade…that slime you made as a demonstration in 5th grade…the chickens you got for the Chick Chain…when you went to 4-H camp and had so much fun on the zip-line…everything you’ve done in 4-H, whether it’s been inside the classroom or outside the classroom, has gained you points toward your Honor Club application. The question is how many points do you have? The only way to find out is to fill out the application and find out!

   Each Tuesday and Thursday while we are out of school (and possibly during Summer Break as schedule allows) from noon until 2 P.M., I will be doing a Zoom meeting online and those who are wanting help with their Honor Club forms are welcome to join me! You can either e-mail me at [email protected] for the link to the meeting, or message me on the 4-H Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/WayneCounty4H/.

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