Collinwood Beautification Board Announces Upcoming Events


   The Collinwood Beautification Board recently released the schedule for this year’s upcoming events in the City of Collinwood. Mark your calendars and get ready to enjoy these annual festivities!

   * “Pullin’ in the Wood” Tractor Pull – Friday, August 27th and Saturday, August 28th (For more information on the Tractor Pull, contact any member of the Collinwood Beautification Board: Jerdie Ayers, 931-722-1099; Rickita Thrasher, 931-332-2368; Andrea Creecy, 931-279-4978, or Peggy Chambers, 931-724-9918.)

   * Collinwood Old Timers’ Day – Saturday, September 4th (For more information on Old Timers’ Day, contact Peggy Chambers at 931-724-9918.)

   * Halloween – October 31st

   * “Christmas in the Wood” Arts and Crafts Show – Sunday December 5th

   * Collinwood Christmas Parade – Sunday, December 12th