Family and Consumer Sciences Education: Storing Leftovers After Thanksgiving


   As you store leftovers after Thanksgiving every year, do you wonder how much of the leftovers you will actually eat, and how much of it will end up molded before you get the chance? Do you ever wonder….Is that really safe? Have you ever heard the saying “When in doubt, toss it out?”

   Remember these tips when deciding what leftovers are safe to eat. The number of days beside the food represents the number of days your leftovers will be good in the fridge.

•Cooked Turkey= 3-4 Days

•Cooked Ham=3-4 Days

•Pies= 2-3 Days

•Potato Salad= 3-5 Days

•Deviled Eggs= 2-3 Days

•Hard Boiled Eggs= 7 days

•Potatoes = 3-4 Days

•Gravy = 3-4 Days

•Green Beans/Cooked Vegetables= 3-4 days

   As you can know, leftovers do not stay good forever. These guidelines will keep you from eating spoiled and unsafe food.

   Also, before storing your food this holiday season, remember to check your refrigerator temperature. The refrigerator temperature should read 40 degrees. Call if you have any questions about food safety this holiday season. If we don’t know the answers, we will try our best to find the answers out.