Biden Claims Victory in Presidential Election, Wayne County Votes “Red” Once Again


       Joe Biden has claimed victory in the United States Presidential Election with 290 electoral votes and 51% of the popular vote. President Donald Trump has been credited with 214 electoral votes and 48% of the popular vote. Trump won the electoral vote in Tennessee, gaining 11 electoral votes and 61% of the popular vote.

       President Trump had not yet conceded the presidential election as of the time The News went to press on Tuesday. Trump’s attorneys are reportedly filing lawsuits in several states, saying that voter fraud has been committed and demanding vote recounts. 

         A record-breaking 3,045,401 Tennesseans, or over 68 percent of active and inactive registered voters, cast ballots in-person during early voting and on Election Day or absentee by-mail in the November 3 presidential election. Voter turnout and participation handily beat the previous record set during the 2008 presidential election when 2,618,238 cast their ballots.

       Tennessee also broke the early and absentee by-mail turnout record during the two-week early voting period in this election. A comprehensive report of in-person and absentee by-mail turnout during early voting by county with comparisons to 2016 and 2012 is available on Unofficial election results are available at

       Wayne County had an unofficial total of 6,694 ballots cast in the election. Wayne County voters once again voted overwhelmingly “red,” with the Republican candidates winning each of their seats on the ballot by a wide margin.

       Below is a breakdown of how the top two (or unopposed) candidates in the Federal and State Elections performed in Wayne County:

    U.S. President:  Donald Trump/Mike Pence (R) 87%   Joe Biden/Kamala Harris (D) 12%

    U.S. Senate:  Bill Hagerty (R) 87%   Marquita Bradshaw (D) 11%

    U.S. Representative:  Mark Green (R) 87%   Kiran Sreepada (D) 11%

    TN State Senate:  Joey Hensley (R) 90%   James Gray (I) 10%

    TN State Representative:  David Byrd (R) 100% (unopposed)

       Seats on the Collinwood and Clifton City Commissions were on the ballot as well. In Collinwood, three incumbent commissioners ran unopposed, therefore retaining their seats on the commission. The vote breakdown is as follows: James Glenn Brown: 35%, Debie Dicus Pigg: 31%, and Jeremiah M. Stults: 33%.

       Two seats were on the ballot for the Clifton City Commission. Incumbent commissioners Mark Staggs and Eva Ruth Warren ran to retain their current seats, and were able to defeat Stacy M. Huntingford and Tommy Boyd to do so. The vote breakdown was: Tommy Boyd: 15%, Stacy M. Huntingford: 26%, Mark Staggs: 30%, and Eva Ruth Warren: 29%.