Complaints Abound as Foul Odor from Waynesboro Sewer Plant Lingers


       “Ooh ooh, that smell…Can’t you smell that smell!” The lyrics to the old Lynyrd Skynyrd song were definitely referring to something else entirely, but people in Waynesboro probably can’t help but associate those words with the smell of sewage that has seemed to be stronger than ever lately.

       The Waynesboro wastewater treatment plant is located just off the bypass, behind the Piggly Wiggly shopping center. It seems that for the last few years, the smell of the sewage that is processed at the plant has at times permeated the entire city. According to Plant Manager Patrick Burns, the most recent episode of the disturbingly foul odor was due to a delay with the emptying of the digester tank at the plant. Burns explained that a truck normally comes to empty the digester two or three times per year, and was scheduled to come in mid-October, but was unable to come due to heavy rains that week and issues with the truck itself. He said that the truck was actually rescheduled to come on Monday, and after the digester is emptied, the odor should improve drastically.

       Another issue that seems to make the odor worse is failure to add deodorizer as often as necessary. Burns said that he plans to begin adding deodorizer more often, especially following all of the recent complaints.

       Hopefully, the adjustments being made at the plant will improve “that smell” in quick order!