Joshua Wade Benedict Arrested for Theft and Retaliation


   Joshua Wade Benedict, age 34, of Collinwood, was arrested on Tuesday, September 15th on charges of theft under $2,500 and retaliation for past action. According to the arrest reports filed by Investigator Dale Palmer of the Collinwood Police Department, on September 2nd, Benedict allegedly took a 4-wheeler without permission from the back yard of a residence on 3rd Avenue in Collinwood. On September 14th, Benedict allegedly threatened to harm Rubidel Perez for contacting the Collinwood Police Department regarding the theft of his 4-wheeler. Benedict also allegedly chased Perez in his vehicle, almost rear-ending Perez, and allegedly followed Perez to his home and made threatening statements. Benedict is being held in the Wayne County Jail on $60,000.00 bond.