11th Annual Butterfly 5K Results


   The 11th Annual Butterfly Foundation’s 5K Run/Walk is in the books. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the original Run date had to be changed, and it became a virtual run. The number of runners and walkers was down slightly, but it was a huge success because of the generous sponsorship of so many businesses and individuals.

   There were 385 registered runners this year with 343 in the 5K and 42 in the kids’ 1 Mile Fun Run. As the Foundation’s major fundraiser, the Run generated $84,000 this year in sponsorship money. This is a tremendous amount considering the downturn in the economy. The Butterfly Foundation is extremely grateful to everyone who supported the Foundation so generously this year.

   ALL sponsorship money goes directly to the families the Foundation serves in our local area. Since the Foundation’s beginning in November 2007, it has served 304 children’s families with financial grants of $760,940. The money is granted for transportation costs for medical travel and for help during extended hospital stays for children who have life-threatening or life-altering conditions. The Foundation could not do this without the very generous gifts from donors and sponsorships of the various fundraising efforts during the year.

   The 12th Annual Butterfly Foundation’s 5K Run/Walk is scheduled for Saturday, June 5th, 2021. Put the date on your calendar and plan now to become a partner with The Butterfly Foundation!


Overall Female:  Stacey Casteel

Overall Male:  Connor Brewer

Female Masters:  Erin Brewer

Male Masters:  Tyler Stone

Female Grand Masters:  Sherea Burns

Male Grand Masters:  Brian Ingle

Female 6-9     

1st:  Gracie Hinton

Female 10-14 

1st:  Catelyn Spencer

2nd:  Bette Patterson

3rd:  Samantha McNabb

Male 10-14    

1st:  Daylan VanFleet

2nd:  Jonah Retherford

3rd:  Logan Davis

Female 15-19 

1st:  Emily Duren

2nd:  Elizabeth Thomason

3rd:  Lindsey Hickory-Perry

Male 15-19    

1st:  Greyston Harper

2nd:  Jamison Dickey

Female 20-24 

1st: Presley Brewer

Female 25-29 

1st:  Sarah Barbosa

2nd:  Laura Hinton    

3rd:  Ansley Bell

Male 25-29    

1st:  Matthew Claunch

2nd:  John Barbosa

3rd: Tyler Stricklin

Female 30-34 

1st:  Anna Creasy

2nd:  Cayla Donaldson

3rd:  Courtney May

Male 30-34    

1st: Raymond Morrow

2nd:  Adam Rush

3rd:  AJ Bell

Female 35-39 

1st:  Amy Dempsey

2nd:  Kimberly Mitchell

3rd:  Amanda Stults

Male 35-39    

1st:  Nick Retherford

2nd:  Eric Jackson

3rd:  Will Hinton

Female 40-44 

1st:  Amanda VanFleet

2nd:  Canopi Spencer

3rd:  Juleen Payne

Female 45-49 

1st:  Misty Dicus

2nd:  Tammy Ruddle

3rd:  Amy Simbeck

Male 45-49    

1st:  Marty Patterson

2nd:  Brad Pounders

3rd: Chad VanFleet

Female 50-54 

1st:  Ann Belt

2nd:  Rebecca Lee

3rd:  Missy Sanders

Male 50-54    

1st:  Gregg Hamilton

2nd:  Dennis Green

3rd:  Gil Corn

Female 55-59 

1st:  Debbie Walker

2nd:  Anna Thompson

3rd:  Sherry Seaton

Male 55-59    

1st:  Stacey Holt

2nd:  Barton Harper

3rd:  Randal Morrow

Female 60-64 

1st:  Judy Ledbetter

2nd:  Marla Beavers

3rd:  Carla Cartwright

Male 60-64    

1st:  Jeff Stracener

2nd:  Mike Gunn

3rd:  Ronnie Cartwright

Female 65-69 

1st:  Nancy Murdoch

2nd:  Eva Williams

3rd:  Patricia Byrd

Male 65-69    

1st:  Alvin Doggett

2nd:  Kevin Myers

3rd:  Richard Vanatta

Female 70-74 

1st:  Barbara Autry-Tall

2nd:  Jan Woods

3rd:  Linda Dewberry

Male 70-74    

1st:  Larry Wright

Female 75-79 

1st:  Dean Stegall

2nd:  Norma Boyd

3rd:  Missy Lunsford

Male 75-79    

1st:  Thomas Adkisson

2nd:  J. Harvey Baker

3rd:  Tommy Stine

Male 80-84    

1st:  Herb Perry

2nd:  J.D. Germany

Male 85 & Up           

1st:  H. Leon Boyd

1 Mile Fun Run

Female 1-5     

1st:  Zoe Morrow

2nd:  Lexa Aycock

3rd:  Lyla Pitts

Male 1-5                    

1st:  Sawyer Campbell

2nd:  Judah Aycock

3rd:  Charlie Pitts

Female 6-8     

1st:  Chloe Stults

2nd:  Lydia Campbell

Male 6-8                    

1st:  Reece Morrow

2nd:  Seth Palmer

3rd:  Logan Haislip

Female 9-10   

1st:  Alice Rush

Male 9-10                  

1st:  Lawson Stegall

2nd:  TC Kelley