Meet the Candidates for Waynesboro City Commission – Part 2


   This week in our “Meet the Candidates” series, we are featuring the responses of Mrs. Tracy Martin, candidate for Waynesboro City Commissioner, to the questions we presented to each candidate. Martin is on the ballot along with fellow political newcomers Lynn Warren and Phillip Carroll, and incumbent Waynesboro City Commissioner Jeff Davis.


1) You have announced your candidacy for election to a seat on the Waynesboro City Commission. What factors helped you decide to run for this position?

My decision to run for City Commissioner is I feel the city of Waynesboro has the potential to grow. I have a strong will to see this city move forward in growth whether it be business or industry. For sure the city needs growth. It bothers me to see local businesses close their doors. The city needs change. I will do my part in bringing change to the city. I feel we need more business to come down town. And use existing industrial sites for new buildings to create more jobs. The city of Waynesboro and Wayne County being a distressed county our unemployment rate is at one of the highest levels that I can remember. I am willing to work with our local officials to see our city move forward.

2) A seat on the City Commission carries a great deal of responsibility, such as making decisions regarding departmental operations within the city, and perhaps most importantly, making decisions regarding the city’s budget. What is your vision for the future of the City of Waynesboro, and how do you plan to implement your goals and ideas?

First goal is to see the needs are done and met for the city. There are a lot of needs and I feel tax payers money needs to be used in helping maintain the city. City tax payers should have a city to be proud of. Whether it be from city streets and sidewalks being repaired to have a clean well maintained city. First impressions are important whether you live here or just visiting. This is something I will see be done while working with others in the budget sessions.

3) Please tell us more about yourself, including your family, your work experience, your personal beliefs, and what you believe best qualifies you for a seat on the Waynesboro City Commission.

I’ve lived in Wayne County all my life. I’ve been married to my husband for 30 years. We have one daughter whom is married and I thank my Lord and Savior that she is a cancer survivor. She and her husband live in Center, TN. I’ve had my own cleaning business and I drive a school bus for the county. Along with being a bus driver I am also a CDL teacher and trainor. I am a Christian whom stands for what is right. And I have a strong will to stand and work for the tax payers of the city of Waynesboro.

Note to our readers: We reached out to Mr. Phillip Carroll on multiple occasions to discuss our “Meet the Candidates” questions but were unable to get a response.