4-H News July 15, 2020


4-H “Un-Camp”

   We might not have been able to have 4-H Camp at the 4-H Ridley Center in Columbia this year, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t have some fun! Thirteen 4-H’ers and two teen leaders from Wayne County joined another three 4-H’ers and one teen leader from Carroll County for the 2020 4-H “Un-Camp” – four days of fun via Zoom meetings during the week of June 29 – July 2.

   We made crafts such as tie-dyed coasters and friendship bracelets, had yummy snacks such as solar oven s’mores and ice cream in a bag, and even played some games such as Project Area Scavenger Hunt and Pictionary. The teen leader from Carroll County, Riley Walker, even led an awesome wood block painting session with step-by-step instruction! We even managed a visit from the Crazy Critter Guy, who gave us a tour of the wildlife cabin at the Ridley 4-H Center, and let us see quite a few critters during feeding time!

   Wayne County “Un-Campers” included teen leaders Abby Sherrill and Kaycee Luker, campers Patrick Sherrill, Matthew Sherrill, Kandace Luker, Olivia Stults, Gentry Hart, Brooke Raymond, Lauren Raymond, Landree Beckham, Ariel Melson, Piper Craig, Patch Craig, Tate Linville, and Joleigh Linville

   While this “4-H Un-Camp” might not have been the typical week at camp, a good time was definitely had by all!

4-H Virtual Dog Show

   The Wayne County 4-H will be hosting a 4-H Dog Show via the 4-H Facebook Page online.  There will be a post pinned to the top of the 4-H Facebook page to submit your photos! The classes will be as follows – cutest puppy and best form. There will be a Junior level (4th and 5th grade), Junior High level (6th, 7th, and 8th grade), and Senior High level (9th-12th grade). The page to submit the photos will be https://www.facebook.com/groups/WayneCounty4H. Each 4-H member may submit one entry per class (for example, one entry in the cutest puppy class and one in the best form class). Each entry must include the 4-H’ers name, grade, class name, and dog’s name. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can submit an entry via e-mail to scarte10@utk.edu. Entries should be submitted by August 14th.

4-H Virtual Craft Fair

   We have some really amazing artists in our 4-H program, and we’d love to have a chance to showcase your work! We’re going to have a virtual craft fair online. The classes are as follows: Painting, Water, Acrylic, Drawing, Sculpture, Sewing, Miscellaneous Crafts.

   Classes will be divided into age categories – Junior (4th and 5th grade), Junior High (6th, 7th, and 8th), and Senior High (9th-12th). Photos of items, with 4-H’ers name, grade, and brief description of entry (1-2 sentences max) can be submitted via e-mail to scarte10@utk.edu or on the 4-H Virtual Craft Fair page. Each 4-H member may submit one entry per class. Entries should be submitted by August 14th.

   If you have any questions about the above contests, 4-H activities, or anything 4-H related, please feel free to contact Samantha Morrow at the Wayne County Extension Office at 722-3229 or via e-mail at scarte10@utk.edu.