4-H News: Weekly STEM Activity


4-H Updates

   4-H Zoom Meetings will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4-H’ers or parents/guardians who want to meet with Mrs. Samantha, or any other time during the weekdays from 8am-4:30pm by appointment. Contact her for the link to the Zoom meeting.

4-H: A Healthy Livin’ Summer

   The Tennessee 4-H will be conducting a fun activity campaign this summer with daily hands-on healthy living activities that you can do to create every day healthy habits. Videos will be posted daily on the Tennessee 4-H Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Daily themes include Mindful Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Family Friday, Safety Saturday, and Self-care Sunday. You can earn beads for each daily theme to create your own Healthy Livin’ Summer Bracelet, plus a t-shirt and other cool stuff. To earn a bead for each daily theme, you must submit a minimum of three activities per theme – you can also earn special beads for multiple submissions! No registration required to participate, but you must submit your activities via a website. Check out the flyer with details on the Wayne County 4-H Facebook page, call the Extension Office, or e-mail scarte10@utk.edu for more information! 

Weekly STEM Activity

   Last week’s STEM activity dealt with circular motion creating a water vortex that looked like a mini tornado inside a bottle. During the experiment, the water is spinning rapidly around the center of the vortex due to centripetal force (an inward force directing an object or fluid such as water towards the center of its circular path). Vortexes found in nature include tornadoes, hurricanes, and waterspouts (a tornado that forms over water).

   This week’s STEM activity will allow you to make your own stalactites, which are the formations that cling to the ceilings of caves. To perform the experiment, you will need baking soda, 2 clear jars, wool yarn, 2 safety pins, and water. First, pour warmed water into your jars.  Mix in your baking soda until no more baking soda can be added to the water (you’ll start to see baking soda settling to the bottom, even after you’ve stirred for a while). Knot your safety pins to the end of each end of the yarn, and place one end in each jar. Place the jars about 5 inches apart (I recommend placing a several layers of paper towels beneath the jars, in addition to placing these jars on a waterproof surface such as a kitchen countertop). Wait one week, and you should begin to see the crystals form along the yarn – you can let this experiment go on longer if you wish to see more growth. We’d love to see the photos of your stalactites on the 4-H STEM post!