Waynesboro City Commission Discusses Reopening Dates for Golf Course, City Pool


   The Waynesboro City Commission met in regular session on Monday, April 27th, 2020 at City Hall in Waynesboro, practicing social distancing by remaining at least six feet apart during the meeting. All commissioners were present, including Mayor Jeff Howell, Vice Mayor Charlie Mosley, Commissioner Chris Bevis, Commissioner Jeff Davis, and Commissioner Tony Creasy. Also in attendance were City Manager John Hickman, City Attorney Josh Polk, and City Recorder Paige Jackson.

   Mayor Howell called the meeting to order, and Commissioner Davis offered the invocation.

   Commissioner Davis made a motion to approve the minutes from the special meeting. The motion was seconded by Vice Mayor Mosley, and the minutes were unanimously approved. Commissioner Creasy made a motion to approve the minutes from the regular meeting, and Commissioner Bevis seconded the motion. Those minutes were unanimously approved as well.

   City Manager Hickman provided the commissioners with monthly cash collateral statements and investment reports. He went on to inform the commission that the golf course would be reopening on May 1st in compliance with CDC guidelines for social distancing. He also said that the work on the city swimming pool will begin as soon as possible. Lifeguard training is scheduled for the weekend prior to Memorial Day, and the opening of the pool will be determined if and when restrictions are lightened in the next few weeks.

   City Manager Hickman updated the commission on the Highway 64 East water line extension grant and the Industrial Park Site Development grant. Surveys have been ordered on both projects.

   The first item of new business on the agenda was a water tap request at 2030 Green River Access Road. City Manager Hickman said that all fees were paid and the work was completed. Commissioner Bevis made a motion to approve the water tap, and Vice Mayor Mosley seconded the motion. The tap was unanimously approved.

   Next on the agenda was the Tennessee Local Support Grant. City Manager Hickman informed the commission that the city qualified for a 100% grant from the State in the amount of $82,221.00 that could be used for several different things, including road projects, utility system upgrades, capital maintenance, IT hardware upgrades, and COVID-19 response. After a fairly lengthy discussion, Vice Mayor Mosley made a motion to apply for the grant, and use the funds for road repairs if the grant were to be approved. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion, and the commission voted unanimously to approve.

   The last items of new business on the agenda were utility late fees and disconnect status. City Manager Hickman updated the commission on customers that have not paid their bills in full since the special meeting, and asked if the commission wished to make any amendments to the previous decision. No motions were made to make any changes to the previous decision on late fees and disconnects.

   Under open items on the agenda, Mayor Howell said that he had received appreciation from the owner of Piggly Wiggly for the city’s assistance on moving the water line, and said that the property has been sold to a potential new business. Mayor Howell also noted that there is a drainage ditch near Harold’s Cleaners that possibly needs cleaning out.

   Commissioner Creasy mentioned a tile on South High Street that possibly needs repair or cleaning out, and some brush that did not get picked up during clean-up week.

   Vice Mayor Mosley asked when the sidewalk repairs would resume, and City Manager Hickman advised that they would resume as soon as the weather improves and all employees return to work. Mosley went on to note that there is a soccer field holding water, and he asked about the status of the soccer field lights. He also asked about the possibility of extending the eating area at the pool.

   Commissioner Bevis then asked about a possible starting date for Dixie Youth baseball and softball. According to Vice Mayor Mosley, local Dixie Youth officials are waiting for the State Dixie Youth Board to meet and make a decision. He noted that several surrounding communities have already cancelled their Dixie Youth seasons for this year.

   City Attorney Polk mentioned that the bushes at the Cash Saver parking lot are impairing the line of sight for drivers pulling out from the parking lot.

   With no further business to come before the commission, Commissioner Creasy made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Bevis seconded the motion, and the meeting was adjourned.