State Issues Recommendations for Reopening of Restaurants


   With the reopening of restaurants in Tennessee in the coming days, the State of Tennessee has issued recommendations to keep customers and employees safe. State officials say that it is vitally important to both the state’s economy and the food supply chain that restaurants are allowed to begin some operations and put employees back to work. The State recommends the following best practices for restaurants at this time.

   Protecting Employees
• Wear face coverings and gloves
• Report any symptoms of illness to supervisor
• Follow daily sanitation protocols

   Protecting Customers
• Limit occupancy to 50% of seating capacity
• Space tables 6 feet apart
• Limit seating to 6 per table
• Use social distancing standards in waiting areas
• Keep bar areas closed
• No live music
• Screen customers with basic questions about COVID-19 symptoms

   Business Operations
• Sanitize all front-of-house contact surfaces every two hours
• Use disposable menus or sanitize menus between each use
• Use rolled silverware/napkins stored in sealed bins
• Sanitize chairs and all tabletop items after each table turn
• Do not offer self-serve buffets, shared condiments, or beverage station re-use
• Provide ServSafe COVID-19 training for all food handlers