Martha Kelly Named President of Waynesboro Downtown Committee


   “Tennessee Downtowns” is a program affiliated with our state’s “Tennessee Main Street” program. The program was developed by the State of Tennessee to assist communities with a comprehensive revitalization effort for their downtowns. Waynesboro and Clifton are already part of this state-wide program, and Collinwood is in the process of applying for their charter.
   Sherrie Powers served as the President of the Waynesboro Downtown Committee for the previous two years, and she is currently poised to work with a team to build “Collinwood Downtown” upon receiving the city’s Tennessee State Charter.

   Sherrie Powers commented, “I am happy to pass the torch to Martha Kelly as the new President of the Waynesboro Downtown Committee and to the 2020 Board of Directors, Martha Kelly-President, Chassity Kelly-Secretary, and Jennifer Burcham-Treasurer. I look forward to the cities’ continued development and new ideas for 2020.”

   Mrs. Powers also commended Dean Stegall, Secretary, and Jennifer Burcham, Treasurer, for their excellent work on the committee.