Former Fast Pace Building Gifted to City of Collinwood


   The Collinwood City Commission met in regular session on Monday, December 9th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the conference/courtroom of Collinwood City Hall.

   The meeting was called to order by Mayor Glenn Brown. All commissioners were in attendance, including Vice Mayor Danny Sandusky, Commissioner Jeremiah Stults, Commissioner Debie Pigg, and Commissioner Butch Kephart. City Manager Gary Victory and City Recorder Cindy Kephart were in attendance as well.

   Mayor Brown called the meeting to order, and the invocation was offered by Commissioner Stults. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.

   First was approval of the agenda. A motion was made by Commissioner Pigg and seconded by Vice Mayor Sandusky to approve the agenda as presented, and the motion carried.

   The next item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes from the meeting held on November 18th. Commissioner Stults made a motion and Commissioner Kephart seconded to approve the minutes, and they were unanimously approved.

   Department reports were distributed to the commissioners for their review, and no questions were brought up by the commission. Commissioner Pigg expressed her thanks to the city crew for putting up the new Christmas trees.

   Next, Stan Bevis, owner of the former Fast Pace Medical building in Collinwood, addressed the commission. He first said that he and his wife Winnette are very grateful to the people of Collinwood for supporting the very first Fast Pace office, which was originally located in a building on Tennessee Street. He then went on to speak briefly about his father, Carvle Bevis, who passed away several years ago. Stan said that his dad quit school in the 11th grade, but went on to become a machinist and provided for his family through that career. Stan then said that he would like to give the building on Tennessee Street that formerly housed Fast Pace to the city of Collinwood to be used as an educational facility. He asked that only two things be carried out; first, that the building would always be used for education; and second, that the building be named the Carvle Bevis Education Center in honor of his late father.  

   The commission was both surprised and delighted at Mr. Bevis’ donation of the building to the city. A discussion followed regarding the possibilities of the building, with everyone in agreement that it should be used for a vocational training facility of some kind. Rena Purdy, Executive Director of Wayne County Joint Economic and Community Development Board (JECDB), said that she would begin talks with TCAT and Columbia State about vocational programs, and Vice Mayor Sandusky said that he would pay for the sign naming the building in honor of Carvel Bevis.

   Next on the agenda was the setting of dates for the 2020 commission meetings. Commissioner Kephart made a motion to approve the meeting dates. Commissioner Stults seconded the motion, and the meeting dates were unanimously approved.

   Mayor Brown then read the Wayne County Welcome Center report for October, 2019. There were a total of 1,048 visitors, some of them from foreign countries including Israel, England, Canada, Spain, and the Philippines. Volunteer of the Month was Jasper Brewer.

   With no further business to come before the commission, Vice Mayor Sandusky made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Pigg seconded the motion, and the meeting was adjourned.