Wayne County Museum is Gifted With Building on the Square


   The Wayne County Museum Committee held a fundraiser last Saturday to benefit the museum, which was recently relocated to the D.E. Merriman building on the square in Waynesboro. After the crowd enjoyed the food and musical entertainment of the evening, a big announcement was made…the owners of the Merriman building, Virginia Dodge Fielder and Mary Cynthia Diamond, have gifted the building and property to the Wayne County Museum.

   In the words of Ms. Fielder and Ms. Diamond, “For the love and affection we have for our native Wayne County and our D.E. Merriman & Co. ancestors, we gift our property located on the south side of Waynesboro Public Square to the Wayne County Museum.”

   The Museum Committee presented a plaque of appreciation to Ms. Fielder for the generous and momentous gift.